Here are just a few testimonials from real clients.

“What I like about Linda’s approach to nutrition is, that its simple, sensible and practical.”

In October 2018, I started my ‘nutritional journey’ and with Linda’s help, we focused on what to eat on training days versus non-training days.

While my fitness was great, I really needed help from a ‘food’ perspective.

What I like about Linda’s approach to nutrition, is that it’s simple, sensible and practical. There’s no calorie counting or cutting out certain food groups, in fact there’s not a fad diet in sight.

Every week, Linda read through my food journal, provided valuable guidance, motivation, support and advise. Occasionally there was a need to tweak what I was eating and of course there was homework to complete.

What did I get out of my coaching sessions with Linda?

  • Being held accountable for my own nutritional choices
  • An awareness of my overall nutrition and how to fuel my body with the right foods
  • Mindfulness eating, when that tummy starts to rumble, leave it for another 30 mins before eating
  • Helpful tips in terms of ideas for breakfasts, healthy snacks, portion control etc. and I’m loving the ‘sweet treat’ every 7th meal
  • Understanding the benefit of keeping a food journal, which is now a part of my daily activities, that I will continue on with
  • Having honest conversations about my journey and being motivated to continue on, when facing challenges

Did I achieve my goals?

Absolutely…. and while I put in the hard work and effort, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the fabulous support I received.

So, Linda, a very big thank you!

Let the maintenance journey begin…

  • Name: Lisa Lewis
  • Occupation: IT Consultant

 “I never believed that I would like exercising, however it is surely growing on me, even squats!”

Your sessions have been tailored for me and where I am at, with my current fitness level, which has been great.

I love that we are on the same page, it’s about life changing, not quick fixes.

It’s as much about mind, as well as body.

We laugh, but you keep me on track throughout each session.

You push me; however, you have been 100% encouraging along the way.

You are thorough and won’t allow me to take shortcuts.

A few things I hear myself say when exercising at home:
“If it’s too easy, you’re not doing it correctly.”
“Pay attention to the muscles you are working on.”

It has made me stop and think about correct technique.

I never believed that I would like exercising, however it is surely growing on me, even squats!

Thank you for the journey I have started.

  • Name: Rebecca Blattman
  • Occupation: Retail

 “Sessions have been tailored to accommodate my fitness levels and injuries.”

Sessions have been tailored to accommodate my fitness level and injuries.

My strength and aerobic capacity, has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to push myself harder throughout each session.

I find that I actually look forward to my workouts and thoroughly enjoy my sessions with you each week.

You are extremely motivating, encouraging and accommodating.

My sessions are tough, I work really hard, but also have fun in the process.

Your guidance on my weight loss/ fitness journey, has helped me realise, that my sessions are not a fast track solution, but that it takes time to become a healthier, fitter person.

You also have instilled in me that dieting is not the way to go, but to plan healthier meal selections to achieve weight loss and to keep it off.

Six months ago, if someone had said to me, that I would become a fitness fanatic, I would have laughed them off.

But since I’ve been working out with you, I have become someone who enjoys working out and I will continue striving to improve my fitness level.

  • Name: Wendy Grady
  • Occupation: Office Worker

“What I really need to thank you for, is giving me my life back….”

Linda, I could thank you for helping me lose weight or….

I could thank you for helping me to get on the road to fitness but…

what I really need to thank you for, is giving me my life back…

but not just any life…

a life where I achieved things, I never thought were possible.

Simple things like…

being able to exercise without turning into a beetroot…

eating well and…

having self-control.

And not so simple things like…

walking the Milford Track in NZ and finishing in the lead group…

running 5 km without collapsing and

doing the 1000 steps and enjoying the experience and

getting me in shape for my son’s wedding.

You never gave up on me, even when I had almost lost hope.

There are so many things to thank you for…

inspiration, perseverance, motivation, commitment, dedication…

and so much more.

I really don’t know where I would be without your guidance…

but I do know it would not be a healthy place.

Most of all,

thank you Linda, for being you!

  • Name: Gayle Barrot
  • Occupation: Real Estate Agent

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