Meeting Luciano at my first personal training session, he completed surprised me, in that he first got me to outline my goals and objectives, then followed this by carrying out a full biometric analysis of both my body type and also my nutritional habits. This I have never experienced.

The biometric assessment involved measurements across various parts of my body to establish the current condition of my body. The nutritional assessment involved a food diary over two weeks, which enabled Luciano to assess the type and quantity of food that I was eating. Using both assessments, Luciano, established my body type and this enabled a focused approach which was measurable.

So, if you are thinking of having a personal trainer, I would heartily recommend Luciano who is able to reach all his clients goals whether you want to lose weight, generally become fit, or gain muscle mass with fitness.

Dr. Hasz Sonigra

As a woman in my 50s I wanted to keep fit and healthy but was quite anxious about joining the gym. Someone suggested I get a Personal Trainer, to make sure I was getting the most from my sessions and avoid the risk of inadvertently hurting myself.

Luciano was great. He made me feel at ease and made sure he understood what I wanted. For the first few sessions, we tried various different things so that, together we could work out what was right for me. I feel so much fitter and more confident, and being fitter means I have more energy for the rest of my life. Perfect really.

Vicki Chapman

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