Work with me.

Instead of making you read a bunch of random services I offer or equipment that I have, let’s just do this….

I offer everything you need (and nothing you DON’T) to safely lose weight permanently and get in shape.

I do this through 1:1 personal training, small group training, exercise classes, mindset and nutrition services.

The next step, would be for us to have a chat for a bit on the phone, then we’ll meet at my studio for 45 mins, during this time we will talk about your specific goals and challenges to reaching those goals.

Then, if you like I’ll go over all my services and packages.

This isn’t some high-pressure sales pitch; I don’t do that here

It’s just a low-key conversation where you can get all of your questions answered and have all the information you need to see if I am the right fit for you.

Next step- fill in the form below and we’ll get the conversation scheduled.

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