Jack’s Story

AGE: 25+
Occupation: Business consultant
Before weight: 80.2kgs
Current weight: 85kg
Went up two belt buckles and had to change wardrobe!

After years of coming to the gym but not getting the results I was looking for (in increasing my muscle size), I was feeling frustrated. I then embarked on finding a coach and Luciano came highly recommended. After our consultation, Luciano developed a structured and varied programme which not only help me achieved the results I was after, but taught me a huge amount about nutrition, mind-set training, exercises and conditioning which I continue to benefit from. In addition to achieving my goals of cutting body fat and gaining lean muscle mass, I have increased my strength overall, including a 40% gain on my deadlift. Not only does he know his stuff, he is also a great motivator and listens to your needs.

Sarah’s Story

AGE: 40+
Occupation: Loving Mother and Journalist
Before weight: 66kg
Current weight: 64kg

From being a reluctant gym-goer who had only done a few spin classes, lots of cardio, brisk walks each week, and afraid of the weights room, I am now addicted (in a good way) to my workout sessions with Luciano. Luciano has given me the motivation to train on my own when needed to. His training methods are unique – I have had a few personal trainers in the past and have not learnt or gained the benefit I received in such a short amount of time using his services. He concentrates on building your muscle and strength to gain lean muscle mass while losing body fat, along with working on changing your habits to positive ones. My personal body fat has been reduced by 7.5% and I have lost over a stone. The beauty of his training method is there is no boring cardio in the traditional sense or horrific moves such as burpees, which at my age; I just don’t have the inclination to do. I now have super amounts of energy to look after my kids and career, and I am constantly being complimented on my new look and I feel fantastic. I can honestly say he has changed my life. I couldn’t recommend Luciano highly enough and will hopefully be training with him for the rest of my life.

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